we weren’t broken, just bent. 

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learning what it means to love, trust, and understand

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It’s a good day!

Waking up at noon and not even being bothered being bothered by how late it is. I love waking up in a good mood; it really starts the day off right.

Gonna go work out and then come home to finish some homework. I love busy days when I know exactly what I’m going to do. Hopefully, it’ll be as productive as I expected. 

Get ready, world, 2217’s bringing home a turkey today for tomorrow’s friendsgiving! There’s a lot of firsts planned for this week: first time making a Thanksgiving turkey, first grown-up potluck thrown at our apartment, and first time celebrating Thanksgiving with friends. I can’t be more excited. :D 

Also meeting the new MEDLIFE executive board today! We picked 5 new officers, and I’m so excited to work with them. It’ll be so much fun getting to know everyone. 

Today’s gonna be awesome!

Aaaaaand over and out

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does your period ever come late and you start to wonder if you’re pregnant despite the fact the most intimate thing you’ve ever done is shake hands?

the number of times i thought i was the next virgin mary is alarming

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